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Building a design system for BP European Fleet management

Client Name: BP

Project name:
Digital DSM for Fleet Management

(Project worked on in 2019)

UI Design, Prototyping, Sketch,User research,

As a lead designer at Brilliant Basics (now Wong Doody), I was in charge of oversee the visual design and the digital design system. The project was set up as a Waterfall project, which was inherited before I started working on the project. We worked very closely with the client and the UX team on weekly sprints to design and deliver clickable prototypes which would then be tested with potential clients. We did this is 2-week sprints, and once a sprint was over we would then update the DSM with any changes that were added or made and delivered this to the development team.

We created the designs in Sketch and created the clickable prototypes in both Invision and Abstract (this was before Figma). We found Abstract was better for creating the code and digital elements to share with the developers and Invision was easier for users to use as a clickable prototype.

Hannah Bain Design - BP Icon Library.jpg
Hannah Bain Design - BP Dashboard.jpg
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