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Design & development studio for startups based in GOA

Client Name: DCCPER

Project name:
Co-founder & Head of Design

UI& UX Design, Product strategy, Branding, Development, New Business

Notable startups included:

DCCPER (Pronounced deeper), was a design and development studio that I co-founded with my business partners from Goa and Canada. We focused on working with startups around the globe as co-founders, taking discounts on our services in exchange for equity in the companies.

The main studio was based in Panaji Goa, and we fast became the place to be for design and development in Goa. Our clients mainly came from London and Toronto, and they ranged from beta businesses to seed funding.


We built a team that consisted of 50 designers, developers, and project managers as well as working with businesses, we also worked on our own startup ideas; including:

  • Start-Up Goa, the number one jobs board for tech companies in Goa

  • Goa. me, a website dedicated to showing the art and culture in Goa, with a following of nearly 2 million

  • Fleet Rover which changed to become Fleet Ops. Freight  tracking in Canada

  • Numadic A vehicle interface product for trucks and frieghts in India

DCCPER - DCCPER Website full - Hannah Bain Design02.jpg
DCCPER - DCCPER Instagram - Hannah Bain Design02.jpg

We had a strong presence on social media, especially Instagram. We used the platform to show our fun and creative side, from our Holiday icon designs to the #DCCPERwashere post to show our travels and team days ou

DCCPER - Design London Goa - Hannah Bain Design 03.jpg

In 3 years we managed to grow a 50+ team that spand over 3 continents. We had workind on over a 100 projects and worked with some incredible startups.  

DCCPER - Design London Startup Goa - Hannah Bain Design02-1.jpg

Startup Goa job's board, created and run by the team at DCCPER

DCCPER - GOA.ME Design London Goa - Hannah Bain Design 4.jpg A platform that haas nearly 2 million followers on facebook, twitter and Instagram, helping share content for travel and things to do in Goa.

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