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Client Name:

Emily Roux

Project Name:

Branding for fine dining restaurant, Caractère

Restaurant owners Emily Roux and Diego Ferrari, who met in some of the industry's finest restaurants, approached me to help them create the brand for their first restaurant; a 60-cover site in Notting Hill called Caractère.  Emily Roux's from culinary royalty, with her Father and Grandfather being famous Michelin star chefs, so it was important for Caractère to carve out its own identity. 


In French, Caractère means character or personality, which they both have. Cooking allows them to express their personality. This name also represents their classical training in France, the language they communicate.


We worked together for two months to craft the perfect logo for them. The process was very collaborative, and we created a timeless identity.

Hannah bain - Logo design Caractère.jpg
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