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Client Name: Hannah Bain

Project name:
Wedding Photography Website

UI Design, Branding, basic web building skills, SEO Skills

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Website design and build for my professional photography For my wedding photography. 

What started as a hobby has quickly developed into a profitable small business. I wanted to create a website that showcased my work and also share client galleries, get enquiries and generate leads. As with most projects, I reiterated my designs through testing and usability. When potential couples click on my website, I want to show off my best work to them, engage them, show my personality, and make it straightforward for them to get in touch. The homepage is likely to be the most viewed page; the first image they see needs to connect with them. I opted to use an image that performed well on my Instagram account. The photo worked well because it has many colours, and the bride is engaged with the audience, showing her happiness. 

I am constantly looking at ways of improving this site. I will engage more with SEO via blogs, labelling and linking to external websites. I can directly see their performance by form signups and Google Analytics.

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