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"Health Care Without Borders"

AXA Global Healthcare redesign

Client Name: AXA Global Health

Project name:
Redesign for the Quote & Buy journey

Team management, UI Design, Prototyping, Sketch,User research, Client relations, Workshops

AXA Global Healthcare has set its sights on expanding its European customer base from 5,000 to over 20,000 by 2026. To accomplish this, we employed the following strategies:

  1. Developing an unparalleled health and well-being insurance concierge service that sets the industry standard.

  2. Capitalising on its established position as a trusted market leader.

  3. Harnessing the disruptive qualities often associated with challenger brands.

  4. Embracing a digitised customer sales journey.

Originally conceived as a simple redesign of the "Quote and Buy" journey, we opted to envision AXA Global Healthcare in a manner that exudes a distinctive look and feel. Our aim was to create a service that instils customer trust and provides clear guidance for AXA Global Healthcare to pursue future endeavours.

Initially, I held the position of Senior Designer in this project. However, I eventually transitioned into Lead Designer, managing a team of three remote designers. Additionally, I oversaw the successful collaboration between the design and development teams across three countries. I maintained a close working relationship with the client, who frequently sought my opinion and advice, indicating high trust in my abilities.

Hannah bain Branding - AXA Global Health - main.jpg
Hannah bain Branding - AXA Global Health.jpg
Hannah bain Branding - AXA Global Health 02.jpg

Building on their Design System

AXA had a comprehensive design library, which we aimed to leverage while creating designs for AXA Global Healthcare. Nonetheless, we encountered the challenge of striking a balance between adhering to the design guidelines and establishing a unique visual identity for AXA Global Health. To achieve this, we concentrated on the four key pillars and explored the use of colours, images, and rounded components to convey the essence of AXA Global Healthcare as:

  • Premium,

  • Tailored,

  • Reassuring, and

  • Empowering.

AXA GH Design Library- HANNAH BAIN DESIGN 02 v2.jpg
26 - Q&B Overview.jpg
Hannah bain Branding - AXA Global Health 3.jpg
Hannah bain Branding - AXA Global Health 8.jpg
Hannah bain Branding - AXA Global Health 7.jpg
Hannah bain Branding - AXA Global Health 5.jpg
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